World Heritage Grimeton

With the longterm goal to make World Heritage Grimeton a successful tourist destination we were contracted to develop a concept for content, 6-year development plan, budget and timetable as well as ideas, sketches and proposals for the project’s profile. The visual material was produced by our close partner Quarry Fold Studio in England.


To attract visitors and create a tourist destination demanded activities and this proved a challenge. By shifting the focus from the level of details to an overall perspective we succeeded in uniting the Trust’s board around our concept and the development plan that is now being implemented.


World Heritage Grimeton Trust


With sensitivity to our requirements and curiosity along with the ability to understand this place and what we do Kistone helped us very professionally to unite the board and other parties around a common vision and target for development planning. A story framework composed of several parts was drawn up but also a clear prioritising of the various parts, which meant that we progressed beyond division and lack of clarity surrounding what we actually should be communicating about this destination. Regarding storytelling Kistone contributed insightful ideas as well as inspiring descriptions and illustrations about how these stories can be told. Visualizing our future development in this way was probably the success factor that led to the wide acceptance among interested parties.

– Camilla Lugnet, CEO World Heritage Grimeton