The Children’s House in Tidaholm

It started as a report and conceptualisation for the Children’s House in Tidaholm and resulted in the recommendation to combine three things: Children’s House, Tidaholm Museum and Tidaholm Tourist Office.


We wanted to involve all the different groups of staff and to anchor the process so we began by holding a big workshop. By giving a separate presentation for the staff before presenting our work to the politicians we were able to create greater confidence in our recommendations and in the oncoming transformation process.


Thanks to our approach the advantages of this merger became clear to everyone involved and our sensitive report could reconcile the three different groups of staff. Our concept has become the basis for the Culture and Recreation Committee in their endeavour to place The Children’s House in Tidaholm Museum on the Vulcan Island, a popular tourist destination. This proposal is now in the hands of the Municipal Council awaiting a decision about investment. So Tidaholm is well on the way to realising the idea of a unique visitor centre on the Vulcan Island.


Tidaholm Municipality


Kistone helped us discover our own strengths and resources as well as inspiring us to grow. The winning concept was to involve all our staff to participate and feel pride in our work. The concept sketch and presentation Kistone delivered was receptive, bold and innovative.
- Pema Malmgren, Manager Culture and Leisure, Tidaholm