Storytelling Workshops

We are often asked in different contexts to give talks on storytelling and we always like to do this as a workshop. We believe that it is essential to show both major and minor actors in tourism how they can use storytelling in their own work. It is important to not only promote storytelling in the form of a talk, but also to involve our audience to test for themselves how rewarding and enjoyable this method is.


In connection with CHRISTA Interreg Europe we were contracted to give talks on storytelling. Together with Västarvet, West Sweden Tourist Board and 12 fantastic tourist destinations we led a workshop and developed an overall story for industrial historic cultural tourism along with a concept to serve as a base for future development.


For the Västmanland County Administrative Board along with the project “Delicious and blossoming tourism” we led a workshop for a number of smaller visitor destinations in the rural area of Örebro County. This was part of the advisory consultation offered by the County Administrative Board to tourism businesses with the aim of stimulating rural development.


Västarvet and the Västmanland County Administrative Board


Kistone were of great value to us in leading the workshop process for a vision for industrial history visitor destinations in Västra Götaland. Thanks to their clarity and receptiveness we were able to assemble the various parties involved round our common questions and lay a firm foundation for future work.
– Björn Ohlén, Developer Västarvet


I have consulted Kistone about storytelling so as to use this method to develop my tourist destination Christina’s Gästgifveri. Kistone proved to be experts in their field – knowledgeable, prepared, good at what they do and interested in learning more about myself and my business. I received a very pleasant and professional reception and I am going to make great use of the material I was given.
– Christina Jarl, Christina’s Gästgifveri