Storytelling in Lövstabruk

All over Sweden you will find places full of fascinating cultural history, treasure troves of stories and tales. The Swedish National Property Board protects and preserves many of these places, whether historical buildings, ruins, landscapes, or military sites, statues, churches or lighthouses.


We were asked to develop a concept using Lövstabruk as an example of how to use storytelling in a cultural history tourist destination. The goal was to find a method and strategy that the board could continue using to develop more destinations through the storytelling method.


The Swedish National Property Board


We consulted Kistone for guidance in working with storytelling at our visitor destinations. Our aim was to develop a working process that could be used for a number of destinations. An important part of this task was to use storytelling to consolidate the history of the destination and thereby increase interest and the visitors’ knowledge about the property and its cultural heritage. Kistone held workshops with us and with our tenants, where they very professionally created consensus and caught the participants’ interest in working with storytelling. Kistone showed great enthusiasm and their work was well structured. We feel that after completion we now had tools and models to go on to use internally.
– Angela Dahlén, Visitor Destination Development at the Swedish National Property Board