When we developed a concept and overall story for the Sotenäs area in 2015, we took granite as a central theme throughout. This concept became the basis for cultural enterprises and cultural heritage tourism for the area’s contribution in a larger project involving the entire Bohus coastline.


In 2017 we were again invited to develop a concept, this time for the centenary anniversary of Evert Taube’s stage debut in Smögen in 1918. We worked on a story linking Evert Taube to Sotenäs and thereby built a platform that could be used in lots of different ways. The aim was to increase tourism commerce and to create a unified identity for the area through using the theme of Evert Taube. Based on this platform, we designed an exhibition, from idea to execution, for the pier in Smögen with a counterpart at Hållö Lighthouse as well as a jubilee concert at Smögengården.


The concept inspired by granite illustrates how new developments can grow out of a story and it provides a concrete example in how this concept lay behind the production of an exhibition and brochure for Hållö Lighthouse. The jubilee year became the framework for all the events relating to Evert Taube in the area during 2018 and will continue to be a platform for future activities for this tourist destination.




Sotenäs consulted Kistone to develop a concept centred round Evert Taube and we are very pleased with the result. Kistone showed both professionalism in our work together and a depth of knowledge and enthusiasm in the subject. Thanks to the work Kistone did for us we believe Evert Taube will be a lasting and valuable attraction in our area.
– Carl Forsberg, Secretary for the Culture in Sotenäs