Kokpunkten is a new tourist destination in Västerås where a whole new district is growing up round the 100-year-old steam power station. The city is committed to firmly establishing its position as the Swedish energy capital and to putting Västerås on the Swedish destination-experiences map. And above all, the Steam Hotel has had a fantastic start since opening in August 2017.


We have been working with Kokpunkten since 2012 when we were first asked to create an overall story and concept to pull together all the varying plans for the destination. We have since then had an on-going involvement in a number of projects, the most recent being the Energy Action Center (EAC).


EAC will be the first science centre in the Nordic countries with a focus on energy. The EAC aims to become the leading meeting place in the Nordic countries for learning about and experiencing sustainable energy. This is where sustainable energy will be made easily understandable so as to inspire both insight and action.


Kistone, working with Quarry Fold Studio, developed a comprehensive concept for the content and visualization of approximately 3,500 cubic metres public space. This concept takes as starting point the United Nations 17 global sustainable development goals, focusing in particular on goal seven: “Affordable and clean energy”. The innovative science centre will have lots of interactive and exciting features to attract both children and adults as well as businesses and it is expected to attract a national, Nordic and even international public.


Combining a new generation science centre, tourist destination and a meeting venue in a creative environment for science, commerce and society will result in an international arena both contributing to sustainable development and strengthening the energy cluster of the region.


PEAB/Kokpunkten Fastighets AB


Kistone have a quite unique mix of skills within their group covering everything from creative ideas to visualization and practical solutions. They deliver fast and often surprise us with new approaches. Not least these are people you can depend on and enjoy working with.
– Håkan Östh, CEO Kokpunkten Fastighets AB


As project manager and concept developer Kistone have played an essential role in preparing the concept for Energy Action Center. On the part of the society we have throughout had a close cooperation with them, characterized by openness, trust and reliability. It has also been fun to work with Kistone and to see how their wide experience from many different commissions, together with creative thinking, turns into concrete solutions for our particular requirements.
– Ingemar Skogö, Chairperson, EAC Society


I have worked with Kistone in two different contexts. Firstly in a creative context to develop concept and content for our Energy Action Center and then to continue to manage and lead this project onwards. Kistone have the ability to be both playful and creative but at the same time extremely serious and attentive to the client’s opinions and considerations. A fantastic capacity to capture and turn thoughts and ideas into something tangible, inspiring and logical.
– Eva Lilja, CEO Västerås Marketing & Business AB