Vänersborg Museum

In 2016 we were contracted by the fantastic museum in Vänersborg to analyse the current situation, lead a storytelling workshop and draw up a development plan encompassing an overall story for the museum and concrete examples illustrating both how this story could be used in the museum’s transformation process and also the operative steps that need be taken.


Our concept provided the base for further planning. The museum along with the regional heritage administration Västarvet has now decided to move forward with the overall story and we have again been asked to develop a concept for a new permanent exhibition at the museum.

The Children’s House in Tidaholm

It started as a report and conceptualisation for the Children’s House in Tidaholm and resulted in the recommendation to combine three things: Children’s House, Tidaholm Museum and Tidaholm Tourist Office.


We wanted to involve all the different groups of staff and to anchor the process so we began by holding a big workshop. By giving a separate presentation for the staff before presenting our work to the politicians we were able to create greater confidence in our recommendations and in the oncoming transformation process.


Thanks to our approach the advantages of this merger became clear to everyone involved and our sensitive report could reconcile the three different groups of staff. Our concept has become the basis for the Culture and Recreation Committee in their endeavour to place The Children’s House in Tidaholm Museum on the Vulcan Island, a popular tourist destination. This proposal is now in the hands of the Municipal Council awaiting a decision about investment. So Tidaholm is well on the way to realising the idea of a unique visitor centre on the Vulcan Island.

World Heritage Grimeton

With the longterm goal to make World Heritage Grimeton a successful tourist destination we were contracted to develop a concept for content, 6-year development plan, budget and timetable as well as ideas, sketches and proposals for the project’s profile. The visual material was produced by our close partner Quarry Fold Studio in England.


To attract visitors and create a tourist destination demanded activities and this proved a challenge. By shifting the focus from the level of details to an overall perspective we succeeded in uniting the Trust’s board around our concept and the development plan that is now being implemented.

Falköping Megalithic Centre – a tale of life and death

The area round the Swedish town of Falköping is home to a unique concentration of megalithic tombs and is rich in archaeological remains from the stone-age.


In spring and summer 2012 Kistone made an exploratory study for developing Falköping Museum.


We used dialogue in workshops and meetings with both local politicians and leading figures in the local authorities, resulting in a detailed project description envisaging an experience based museum and theme park.


In spring 2014 we were also asked to develop an exhibition concept for the museum. This project resulted in two strategic documents with visual material that served as steering documents for the continuing work on the project.

Storytelling in Lövstabruk

All over Sweden you will find places full of fascinating cultural history, treasure troves of stories and tales. The Swedish National Property Board protects and preserves many of these places, whether historical buildings, ruins, landscapes, or military sites, statues, churches or lighthouses.


We were asked to develop a concept using Lövstabruk as an example of how to use storytelling in a cultural history tourist destination. The goal was to find a method and strategy that the board could continue using to develop more destinations through the storytelling method.

Storytelling Workshops

We are often asked in different contexts to give talks on storytelling and we always like to do this as a workshop. We believe that it is essential to show both major and minor actors in tourism how they can use storytelling in their own work. It is important to not only promote storytelling in the form of a talk, but also to involve our audience to test for themselves how rewarding and enjoyable this method is.


In connection with CHRISTA Interreg Europe we were contracted to give talks on storytelling. Together with Västarvet, West Sweden Tourist Board and 12 fantastic tourist destinations we led a workshop and developed an overall story for industrial historic cultural tourism along with a concept to serve as a base for future development.


For the Västmanland County Administrative Board along with the project “Delicious and blossoming tourism” we led a workshop for a number of smaller visitor destinations in the rural area of Örebro County. This was part of the advisory consultation offered by the County Administrative Board to tourism businesses with the aim of stimulating rural development.

Foyer exhibitions for Göteborg Opera

We produced two temporary summer exhibitions for Göteborg Opera foyer in 2017 and 2018. For the first exhibition we were able to use sections of the Evert Taube’s World exhibition from Liseberg and we created eight displays. This contract comprised idea, concept, text production and construction along with curating the exhibition which was named “Evert Taube’s World –a postlude.”


The temporary exhibition lasted for seven weeks and was intended to draw the public into the foyer and summer veranda and attract new visitors to the opera.


The exhibition was very well received in both press and media and by visitors. Both the restaurant and the summer veranda showed a big increase in visiting numbers and a new exhibition was planned for summer 2018, this time about Jussi Björling. We were contracted to draw up a concept, write the texts and to curate this exhibition too.