Kokpunkten is a new tourist destination in Västerås where a whole new district is growing up round the 100-year-old steam power station. The city is committed to firmly establishing its position as the Swedish energy capital and to putting Västerås on the Swedish destination-experiences map. And above all, the Steam Hotel has had a fantastic start since opening in August 2017.


We have been working with Kokpunkten since 2012 when we were first asked to create an overall story and concept to pull together all the varying plans for the destination. We have since then had an on-going involvement in a number of projects, the most recent being the Energy Action Center (EAC).


EAC will be the first science centre in the Nordic countries with a focus on energy. The EAC aims to become the leading meeting place in the Nordic countries for learning about and experiencing sustainable energy. This is where sustainable energy will be made easily understandable so as to inspire both insight and action.


Kistone, working with Quarry Fold Studio, developed a comprehensive concept for the content and visualization of approximately 3,500 cubic metres public space. This concept takes as starting point the United Nations 17 global sustainable development goals, focusing in particular on goal seven: “Affordable and clean energy”. The innovative science centre will have lots of interactive and exciting features to attract both children and adults as well as businesses and it is expected to attract a national, Nordic and even international public.


Combining a new generation science centre, tourist destination and a meeting venue in a creative environment for science, commerce and society will result in an international arena both contributing to sustainable development and strengthening the energy cluster of the region.

The Centre for the History of Shipbuilding and Industry

Gothenburg and West Sweden share a totally unique industrial history that has been an important factor in the growth of the modern welfare society we live in today. Industrial history is quite simply a central element in the region’s identity and it is actually the region’s future attraction. We were consulted to carry out a preliminary study for a centre for the history of shipbuilding and industry, to be located in Gothenburg. This led to contacting both historians and representatives from the city, the region and not least from industry. The concept formulated in the preliminary study can be simplest described as “a showroom for the many”.

City of Skövde showroom

We were commissioned by the Department for Culture and Leisure in Skövde to explore whether a joint “house of museums” could be created in Skövde. We reached the conclusion that a showroom was the right suggestion, where as wide a picture of Skövde as possible could be displayed, leading visitors’ interest outwards not only to the local museums but also to other tourist destinations, local business, history, colleges and all the area has to offer. In conjunction with Quarry Fold Studio we produced the film we included in our report.


In consequence, the Department for Culture and Leisure was able to “close” several previously “underway” studies and could focus on an approved report and follow a concrete plan for implementation and execution.

Fortress adventure in Karlsborg

We were asked to create a new room to add to the dramatized tour of Karlsborg Fortress: “The quest for the lost gold reserves”.


We chose to focus on the history of the fortress and make an adventure puzzle based on real prisoners who had once been held captive in the adventure’s historical setting. With a story-driven and thrilling adventure puzzle a further 15 minutes were added to the experience.


Our contribution comprised idea, story, concept, visualization proposals and execution including production and construction for a new adventure in the fortress. In less than one month of production time with the help of Quarry Fold Studio we went from idea to completion of a whole new adventure episode.

The Storsjö Lake Monster

Our challenge was above all to curate one of the most famous cultural heritages in Jämtland, and combine history dating back to the 17th century together with a thrilling experience. And it was all about 500 years of tales and testimonials about a monster.


We presented idea, story, concept and visualization proposal, which included production and construction of an interactive, experience based exhibition centred around the myth of the Storsjö Lake Monster.


When we developed a concept and overall story for the Sotenäs area in 2015, we took granite as a central theme throughout. This concept became the basis for cultural enterprises and cultural heritage tourism for the area’s contribution in a larger project involving the entire Bohus coastline.


In 2017 we were again invited to develop a concept, this time for the centenary anniversary of Evert Taube’s stage debut in Smögen in 1918. We worked on a story linking Evert Taube to Sotenäs and thereby built a platform that could be used in lots of different ways. The aim was to increase tourism commerce and to create a unified identity for the area through using the theme of Evert Taube. Based on this platform, we designed an exhibition, from idea to execution, for the pier in Smögen with a counterpart at Hållö Lighthouse as well as a jubilee concert at Smögengården.


The concept inspired by granite illustrates how new developments can grow out of a story and it provides a concrete example in how this concept lay behind the production of an exhibition and brochure for Hållö Lighthouse. The jubilee year became the framework for all the events relating to Evert Taube in the area during 2018 and will continue to be a platform for future activities for this tourist destination.

Museum of Gothenburg

The new permanent exhibition at the Museum of Gothenburg, “The Birth of Gothenburg”, opened in March 2017. The exhibition is centred round a drama in three acts: “From unruly Nya Lödöse, via wild west/Klondyke to the majestic theatre stage of the Baroque”.


Working closely with Quarry Fold Studio, we were privileged to work together with the museum, where we were responsible for exhibition design. Our commission also included sound and film production and overall we provided an artistic advisory role for both content and execution.


The exhibition received a fantastic reception with record numbers of visitors and proved a success with press and media critics. Watch the exhibition’s publicity film we produced along with Houston Media – and you will see why!

City of Gothenburg Traffic & Public Transport Authority

We were contracted by the City of Gothenburg Traffic & Public Transport Authority from 2011 to 2017 for a range of communication services from project management of events and production management for the West Sweden Package to preliminary studies and reports as well as exhibitions. In the last example we took charge of the entire process, from idea, concept, planning and visualization to execution.

Hållö Lighthouse

Hållö is a fairytale island in the Bohus archipelago, in the heart of the granite coast. In 2016 we produced an exhibition for Hallö Naturum Visitor Centre and an information brochure about the island based on the Bohus granite concept we had developed for the Sotenäs area.


In 2018 we were contracted to build a new exhibition, this time using our Sotenäs concept for the 100 year anniversary of Evert Taube’s first ever stage performance in Smögen.

The Littorin bird collection at Bjertorp Castle

This exciting contract was to plan, lead and execute a preliminary feasibility study for a new tourist destination in Vara around the Littorin bird collection.


We held in-depth interviews with relevant institutions and organisations in West Sweden and workshops and made an analysis and review of existing material. This resulted in a report that provided a base for further decisions and included a proposal for a concrete plan of action. The report also included visualization clearly illustrating the excellent opportunities to work together with Bjertorp Castle towards a unique museum experience.