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Our Story

Kistone was founded 20 years ago but the core behind Kistone first worked together creating the Evert Taube’s World exhibition for Liseberg in 2004. We had amazing fun working together and we learned a lot. This exhibition led to new contracts and we found that a down to earth mix of competence and enthusiasm is an excellent driving force for successful collaboration.


Both our colleagues and our partners have long worked with the experience industry and with public and politically controlled authorities. We hope we can share our experience and our know-how with you.


Katarina Tideström

+46 (0) 705 35 86 80

Katarina has worked for over 30 years in project management and her role today is to build structure and see the bigger picture while remembering the devil is in the details. She manages processing and leads projects and is the person you will be speaking to as our client. Katarina also keeps an eye on the entire creative process and is an expert in multi-tasking.


David Anthin

+46 (0) 707 19 54 02

David teaches Swedish and history in high school and gained his PhD with a thesis on the Swedish singer-songwriter Evert Taube. David is our editor and storyteller, responsible for our research, fact checking and content. His writing also covers a wide range, from book reviews and marketing copy, to historical drama and investigative reports.


David Talbot

+44 1254 20 76 20

David is the Art Director at QuarryFold Studio, our closest partner and friends.
After studies in art at university, David started his career in event and exhibition design 20 years ago. Experienced in design, construction and installation, he quickly sees what is needed to bring success to a project and how it can be done.


Claes Leyon

+46 (0) 708 13 82 86

Claes is a member of the Swedish Bar Association and is chairperson of the board for Kistone. With long experience of company law and management he is an important resource for Kistone in business development, contractual questions and longterm strategies.


Pelle Johannisson

+46 (0) 706 38 91 40

Pelle has wide experience in strategic marketing through his work in product group manager, and as reporter and presenter for the Swedish Radio and not least from 30 years as marketing and sales director for Liseberg. He is an important resource for both Kistone and our clients regarding storytelling in strategic communication in the tourism and experience industries.


Jonas Jacobson

+46 (0) 708 68 09 65

Jonas is the CEO and project manager at Logiken Reklambyrå and has extensive experience in developing entrepreneurial-driven operations. He is a member of the board and an important partner in the company’s development and positioning.

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